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Designing a Culture of Design

Chris Avore

Workplace culture doesn’t start with beanbags, foosball tables, or a beer fridge, and it doesn’t end with neckties, PCs, or big corporations.

It’s the unwritten rules, behavior, beliefs, and the motivations that enable good work to get done, or it’s what stifles a workforce.

For design to be most effective, and for designers to feel valued, we need to work in a culture that embraces design and allows it to succeed.

Aaron and Chris' session will explore how to recognize the traits of organizations that *get* design, both large and small.  They’ll share what those teams, departments, and companies have that others don’t. And more importantly, how to begin to change your own workplace’s culture. Once you’ve worked within a culture of design it’s almost impossible to imagine yourself anywhere else.

Learn from a couple of veterans who have worked in almost every arrangement imaginable: from small start-ups and agencies, as innies and outties, as indepedent freelancers, offsite and tethered to a desk, to toiling away at big enterprises, only to work together in a heavily regulated industry while designing a culture of design every day.

Chris’s presentation will provide:

  • how to identify your current workplace culture
  • an overview of the benefits of creating a culture of design, including increased productivity, reduced turnover, and improved output
  • how increasing accountability and transparency directly influences culture
  • tactical methods to change culture from the bottom up and top down: whether you’re leading design teams or even the intern
  • strategic vision to evaluate your progress as you craft your own workplace culture

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