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Matt Lavoie


Matt Lavoie started his career in art by drawing on the walls of his mom’s dance studio at age 2. He became obsessed with technology and web design when he learned how to write html in Notepad at age 11. And then, when working in a diner at 15, he realized how the arrangement of resources and streamlining of processes can make a huge difference in the time and effort required to do a job.

After graduating with a degree in computer science he discovered the field of UX, a magical world where all of his passions collided head on. Since then he has grown from software developer to UX evangelist and advocate at PowerDMS, where he has fought the good fight of proving the value of user centered design and an integrated UX investment in the software development process.


Now he spends his days growing, evolving, and streamlining a product filled with a decade’s worth of features that could all use a bit of UX love. Matt is crazy about finding elegant solutions in a world of complex constraints, talking with users to determine root problems, and getting everyone involved in creating amazing experiences.



New York 2014Apr 3 - 4, 2014