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Using UX Design Principles and Methodologies in Design Management and Innovation

Mel Lim

Aspiration and joyful satisfaction are intrinsic drives. They are the common denominators of all effort, beginning with design and extending to the client and user experience. What is created externally mirrors what is happening internally. To understand the whole requires learning to engage in empathic internal and external communication across cultures, teams, clients, and customers. This “practice” provides validation, adds to ideation, and forges strategies for demonstrating and building value.

What you will learn:

  • Design thinking methods to innovate: a series of tools to create the spontaneous collision of ideas
  • Team building: co-create with internal team members and with clients
  • Rapid prototyping techniques for models and ideas generation
  • Articulation of ideas to teams and clients through dynamic interaction
  • Creating user-centered design: identifying touch points in designing for users versus for clients
  • Designing to WOW: value creation through emotional branding and actionable ideas
  • Definition of success: decision-making process that better suit client organizations and end-users respectively

Who should attend:
This workshop is for design professionals, managers and leaders who make strategic decisions about projects and their firms. It is especially useful for anyone who is currently seeking methods to better serve their clients, to inspire innovation within their clients’ organizations, and to create holistic brand experiences.