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Real World LessonsMoving to Lean UX

Bill Scott

In this workshop Bill will explore the mindset of LeanUX and how it relates to bring products to life in the midst of big organizations that don't normally think "Lean". He will look at how teams can create a strong partnership between product, design & engineering in a way that tears down the walls and instead focuses on three key principles:

  • Shared understanding
  • Deep collaboration
  • Continuous customer feedback

The workshop will take a look at how Bill has been able to apply Lean UX at PayPal — a place that in recent years has been the total antithesis of the lean startup idea. With very specific examples, he will share lessons learned applying lean to the full product life cycle as well as how it relates to agile development.

Finally, the workshop looks at the technology stack. In the last few years there has been an explosion of open source technology stacks that can support rapidly creating products, launching them to scale and rapidly iterating on them when live. While startups embrace these stacks from the get-go, large organizations struggle with how to embrace this change. This workshop will also look at the shift that has happened, what is driving this change, and how organizations can embrace this stack and how to marry Lean Tech with Lean UX.