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Play to ChangeUsing Game Mechanics to Motivate Your Audience

Experience design and game design have a lot in common, and the two worlds continue to come together. It's no wonder - we've all been playing games for millenia, to learn and grow or to get through tough challenges.
So how can you incorporate the positive aspects of a game into the experiences you're designing for your customers? Learn more about basic game mechanics, and how they've been used to motivate learning, promote action, and prepare players (like your users) for complex scenarios. In this workshop we'll discuss:
Why play is good business. Learn about the importance of play to engage your audience, in a way that motivates them to learn or to act.

Head-to-head or hand-in-hand? Understand basic game mechanics, and how to create an immersive environment for meaningful play - whether you tap into the competitive streak or encourage collaboration.

We don't need no stinkin' badges. We'll explore misconceptions about gamification and design pitfalls to avoid.

By the end of the workshop you'll have learned important concepts in playful design, and tried your own hand at techniques that will help you apply game design concepts to your own work.