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CSS3 User Interface Design

Creating compelling, interactive user interfaces can make or break a web page, or web app. Adding interactivity has often meant adding complex JavaScript programming. Now, with CSS3 and its many new properties you can make page elements appear, dissappear, grow, shrink and animate in sophisticated ways, letting you create user interfaces that are not only useful but fun.

WebVisions veteran David McFarland returns for a deep dive into user interface design with CSS3. He'll show off and let attendees dig into CSS3 properties in several very cool and functional real-world scenarios.

You'll learn

  • How to use CSS3 transitions, transformation and animations to make interactive user interface elements without JavaScript.
  • What CSS Preprocessors are and how they can make writing CSS, and especially CSS3, more efficient and fun.
  • How to deal with browsers that don't understand the new, shiny CSS3 properties, so you can provide broad cross-browser support.
  • How to build multi-level, drop-down, animated navigation menus with just CSS.
  • How to build dynamic, animated photo galleries.
  • How to create modal-dialog boxes, animated control panels with CSS.
  • How to combine JavaScript and CSS3 to create even more levels of interactivity.