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Brian Winters

Known to his friends as “Captain Empathy”, Brian is CX researcher and strategist with over 15 years experience in understanding people through primary research. He’s conducted all forms of user research in the insurance, retail, finance, travel, and healthcare industries. 

Brian brings the human experiences of customers into the decision making process for product design and strategy. His work shifts the the business conversation from only problem solving, to exploring new possibilities. This is where innovation lives and leaps in experience design can happen. Brian is also is passionate about communities, collaboration and shared commitments, because in his experience when all three are aligned, possibilities flourish.  

Being "Captain Empathy” doesn’t stop with people, as Brian also listens deeply to his plants. His suburban micro-farm is home to over 100 different edibles every summer. He’s keenly interested in the intersection of local food systems, communities and design thinking. Seeds, needs, empathy, beets and innovation – Brian's on it!