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The Designer as Artist

Gabe Kean

With greater frequency, designers are shifting the "art experience” paradigm; creating new opportunities for institutions and brands to leverage what is perceived as public art. Learn how designers are engaging with audiences by blurring the lines between marketing, branding, and art—acting as culture makers, storytellers, and visual artists. Belle & Wissell founder Gabe Kean explores this new category with examples of how designers can help their clients hire them to make art instead of advertising.

Check out the images from Gabe's presentation:

01 The Story of Belle and Wissell:
How It All Began
Story Window
R.H. Wissell's Lost Recordings

02 Amazon Campus Installations (Vulcan):
Macro Micro
Your Face is Puzzling to Me

03 Microsoft's Envisioning Center:
Interactive Storyworld

04 Space Needle:
SkyPad™ Interactive Wall

05 Oxbow:
Georgetown History Building Re-development Project