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A Simplified UX Formula

Ronel Mor

The session attempts to distill “the elements of user experience” into a simplified formula. This formula may perform as a measure for evaluating the quality of an experience of any sort (digital or physical). When projected on known products like the iPhone, services like eBay, Twitter, Google or mobile apps like Instagram:  this formula highlights the factors which possibly account for the successful experiences these deliver.

The second part of the session addresses the conditions of experiences which are emotional and loveable (brands like Apple and Harley Davidson are solid examples such emotional engagement). Can deep emotional experiences be defined by a formula?

There are many examples in my session for consolidating this angle, most are insightful and sometimes amusing.
Attendees may hopefully gain an intuitive tool/model for better evaluating the impact of factors affecting experiences they may be delivering in their work.

This model is the outcome of a research I conducted at the academy and in my professional landscape as a practitioner and designer of brands and interactive experiences.