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Bob Dylan and the Interactive Future of Storytelling

Yoni Bloch

Yoni Bloch, founder and CEO, of Interlude will share what’s next for film and music in the world of interactive videos. Attendees will discover just what makes this art form so compelling, how technology can empower consumers by providing greater personalization and choice, and what powerful insights can be gained from understanding how users engage with the medium. As evidenced by Interlude’s “Like A Rolling Stone” for Bob Dylan, interactive videos offer entirely new possibilities for digital creatives in the post-MTV/YouTube era.

Bridging the Innovation Culture Divide

Much of the business conversation surrounding customer experience within corporations is based on myths that don’t support great products and services and UX developers get stuck in the middle (between customers, managers, and financial decision-makers). The cultures of business and design (and engineering) are very different and need to be bridged before they can work effective together. This isn’t limited to only the product development and strategy teams but must reach throughout the organization in order to be successful.

Commit to the Crazy

Kate explores harnessing the power of accumulation and consumption through a system of rules to structure creative chaos. Commit to being a vigilant "Art Soldier" - keep making, keep moving.

Getting Away With Shit

Like many designers, Timothy Goodman is held down by rules and parameters that constantly stifle him. So how does he get his own sensibilities into his work? A couple of years ago, he decided to redirect his design career and push himself into new, scary, and unexpected territory through drawing, writing, and personal projects on the internet. He rather approach graphic design as a practice, not as a profession. Join Timothy has he reveals his way of getting away with shit.

Hit it with a Pretty Stick

Jenny Lam

Thoughtful, coherent, and professional visual design will not only help you shape the user experience, but also inform people about what your site does, how it works, and what your brand stands for. It sets the stage for a user experience that's emotional as well as functional. In this session, Jenny will discuss fundamental aesthetic principles that can be applied to web experiences of all shapes and sizes, present some objective tools for creating or critiquing site aesthetics, and offer techniques on how to fold aesthetic thinking into your organization’s culture and the development process from day one.

Make Your Own Rules

Creative play is essentially a mindset where you allow yourself to experiment, fail, take risks, and make discoveries. I will speak about the value of  play and as a tool for creativity and innovation. Play was crucial to my own development as a designer, and I will share how it influenced my career path and how its a part of the process I do today. We all know the best games have a strict set of rules, and I think the same goes for creative work. I think rules and limitations helps creativity thrive. It’s difficult to do something great when the possibilities are endless.

Poetry for RobotsA Digital Humanities Experiment

In 1989, scholar Norman Cousins published a piece called The Poet and the Computer. Anticipating the computer revolution at his doorstep Cousins makes a plea: do not allow our machines to dehumanize us. And he offers a specific prescription against the potential malady - poetry. At Poetry4Robots.com, we’ve made the experiment live. This ‘digital humanities experiment’ is being conducted by Neologic Labs, Webvisions, and Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination.

Three Things I’ve Learned as a Designer

Steven Cook

Today, designers need to approach their work with an understanding of how mediums play with one anther. Many designers and tech-heads, however, seem to suffer from tunnel vision—getting caught up in one discipline, not thinking or caring about what someone else may be doing on the other side of the office. I’ve seen it, and it’s lead many down the path of unimaginative ideas and equally flat results.


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