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Who Will Create the Future? Superman, Robots...YOUSurvival Tips for of the Everyday Humanist

We live in the era of services and creativity. Even though your company or your clients are struggling to understand their customers, you are supposed to design and create customized solutions that work perfectly for everyone, everywhere on every device. Even though your organization or your client is working in silos and with sometimes poor communication, you are supposed to "know everything about everything" and act just in time, if not in advance...

Don't get stressed. It's about Multidisciplinary, Interactions and Soul. 
This is a positive session for entrepreneurs, designers and developers about how to survive projects at a professional and personal level. We will review (and make sense of) the everyday lingo of Business, Design and Development. Instead of micro interactions we look at macro interactions. Last, but not least, we will review some secrets for a happy soul.