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Threedee Tales of Urban Bohemia

Vicent Marti

Computer Graphics, particularly 3D, is a discipline of computer science with decades of tradition and research behind it. As we keep struggling to master the world of 3D rending on the desktop, a whole new world of possibilities is now arising on the web thanks to the WebGL Javascript APIs, which allow us to harness the full power of a computer's graphics stack from inside the DOM.

WebGL is now more relevant than ever, and there's a lot of people attempting 3D on the browser with Three.js and other frameworks, most often with poor results: Not because these frameworks are not good, but because the users don't understand the underlying concepts and abstractions behind them.

This talk is a gentle and practical introduction to the concept of low-level 3D rendering, exposed through a web browser and the lens of Javascript with WebGL.

Javascript *is* a real programming language. That means Javascript engineers have a responsibility, a necessity to understand the underlying computer science behind the technologies they use, even if they are abstracted behind a framework. We *need* to understand how to go all the way from Javascript to vertexes on our GPU if we want 3D on the web to truly catch up with 3D on the desktop.