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This is Not Your Parents' Pattern LibraryA Fresh Approach in Defining Corporate Design Standards

Think pattern libraries are outdated? Think again. We'd like to challenge the perception of what makes a pattern and a pattern library. In this talk, Carrie and Erica will discuss the fading relevance of traditional pattern libraries and show you what they've done to reinvigorate the Design Standards hub at eBay, making it more engaging and maximizing its usefulness.

Carrie and Erica will also talk about pattern libraries as not only agents of change, but also products of change, and how extending the purpose of eBay's own pattern library has increased adoption and understanding of design standards across the company.

This talk will be powerful for anyone developing design guidelines or looking to create design efficiencies within their company. Attendees will walk away with a fresh perspective on how to create relevant and approachable design standards.