Explore the Future of the Web

Make Some Space for the Next Few Billion Users

There is a strange phenomenon with us. Give us a lot of space and we fill it up until there is not much left. There is even a recognised psychological condition about it now called hoarding. Well, we've done the same to the web over the last few years. We pack in lots and lots of not really needed effects and libraries just to cover an environment to come in the future. And by doing so we start catering to a smaller and smaller market of the technological elite of the western world. A market that more and more cares about native apps instead of the web.

In this talk, Chris Heilmann of Mozilla will show you how to lose a few online pounds to me more agile and flexible. The reason why you should do so is that there is a whole new market of billions of voices being opened for you that you are not aware of yet and unintentionally block out. With Firefox OS Mozilla and partners are bringing web connectivity in a very affordable and exciting way to lots of places where feature phones are the only thing available to people. All you have to do to be part of this is exercise a bit and tear down those barricades your web products have erected to cater to a market that does not really care.