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WebVisions Chicago Presentations


We’re collecting speaker presentations from WebVisions Chicago show on Slideshare and other sites and will post links on our site. Here is a collection of presos that are online:

Maria Giudice: The Rise of the DEO: Innovation Starts at the Top

Steve Portigal: “Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization”

Jared Spool: “Mobile and UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm”

Kelly Goto: “Mapping Emotion to Experience”

Shay Howe: “Tactical HTML5 and CSS3″

Eve Simon: “Be a Creative Superhero: Save the World”

Russ Unger and Tim Frick: “Content Strategy: You’re Soaking In It”

Dan Saffer: “The Complexity of Simplicity”

Derek Featherstone: “Thinking Beyond the Device”

Joseph Dickerson: “The Death of the UI”

Brad Frost: “For a Future Friendly Web”

Dana Chisnell: “Kickstarting Civic Design”

Anoop Sahgal: “The Rise of Content Marketing”

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