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HTML5 & CSS3 in Practice


Daniel DavisIf we look beyond the history and politics of HTML5 and CSS3 we can see two great web technologies, both with the intention, mostly fulfilled, of improving both users’ and developers’ lives. Despite the squabbles that get the blogosphere’s attention, there has been plenty of innovation in both marking up your web pages and styling them, whether it’s incorporating media, increasing findability, enhancing the user experience or simply adding eye-candy.

In Daniel Davis’ workshop on “HTML5 & CSS3 in Practice,” he’ll cover the practical side of these technologies by editing and adding to pre-prepared samples. Daniel will examine real-world examples and see how HTML5 and CSS3 are being used and abused in the wild. More intimate than a formal presentation, there will naturally be opportunities to question and discuss points at any time. He’ll also cover not just cross-device issues, but how HTML5 and CSS3 can actually make it easier to develop cross-device web pages with little or no JavaScript. So forget the hype – concentrate on how to use HTML5 and CSS3, as little or as much as needed, in your projects with ease.