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Design Strategy in a Nutshell

Design Strategy in a Nutshell

In her half-day workshop on “Design Strategy in a Nutshell: Connecting Design with Business Value,” Kate Rutter examines how good design alone isn’t enough to get great experiences out into the world. You need to be smart about how you start and finish as well. That’s where design strategy comes into play—ensuring that the design of products and services meets business needs, leverages your design opportunities (and abilities) and delivers real customer value.

The problem? Most businesses don’t have full-time design strategists waiting in the wings to pounce on problems as they arise. So as designers, we’re positioned to create the plans that connect user and business value. Designers are asked to bridge that gap almost every day, but knowing where to start when putting together a strategy can be tough, especially with all the other things competing for your time. The good news is that putting together a quick strategy on a shoestring isn’t as hard or complex as you may think.